Hi, Hey, Hello. We are Ross and Brooke Tuggle, we're pumped you're on this website and even clicked this part. That means you're just really bored, or want to know who you may be ordering something from. Either way, Hi. 

I (Ross) grew up in Laurel, Indiana, a small town in southeast Indiana. I grew up watching my Dad build chicken coops, front porches, decks, loft beds, or anything else that might have been needed in or around the house. I never really cared to learn about the process at the time, but I did always think it was cool that things were being made by my Dad, rather than hiring someone else to do it.

Art wasn't something valued in my house, but it was something I always dug. I remember sitting at our kitchen table drawing for hours. I never really knew what I was doing, and I didn't care enough about school to pay attention in art class to get better at it. Later in life I started really appreciating art in different mediums. Clay, tattoos, murals, paintings, whatever. I started collecting different pieces, but never knew how to start creating myself. 

When Brooke and I started dating, she saw an old green porch swing that was rotting in my neighbors portion of the yard (I was living in a duplex). She commented that she loved it. That night I went out and took all the wood I could salvage from it in hopes to make a picture frame out of it. With a hand saw, hammer, nails, and some wood glue, I quickly realized that a picture frame wasn't going to be in the cards. I started placing the wood on a piece of plywood in different patterns and found one I liked and decided to just attach it as a small art piece for her. It has a lot of flaws, and if I could redo it today - I'd do a lot of things differently, but this is how Tuggle's Timber began.

I (Ross) worked in the social work field for 10 years until recently when Tuggle's Timber became my full-time job. I often times didn't get to see tasks completed, or things didn't go the way I necessary thought they should go. I didn't have full control of the outcomes of cases. I could provide support or different tools to families/individuals, but ultimately the outcome of a case was not decided by myself. Tuggle's Timber is an outlet where I do get to have control and see something finished how I envisioned it to from start to finish. It's a stress relieving outlet that I can't imagine life without at this point.

When we started Tuggle's Timber I wanted to use as little purchased items as possible. I'm a firm believer in the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." ​​The materials we use are mostly “rejected” – some of the paint and stains we use have been returned to hardware stores. We find wood in the alleys behind houses in our neighborhood. We love the idea of being able to use things that others don’t want anymore to create something beautiful.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Feel free to shoot us a message and we'd love to talk more about Tuggle's Timber, our goals, the process, or whatever you have questions about! I've said it a million times, but I'm blown away by the support and kind words we receive and I can't thank you enough. This whole journey has been super rad.

Thanks again,

           Ross + Brooke Tuggle