I LOVE getting messages asking about creating something for you. I get a lot of joy out of creating a piece of art that is unique, and something you can guarantee none of your friends or family have. Please fill out the below form should you want to make a custom order. I'm excited to get started on it!



The million dollar question right? A general pricing rule is roughly $45 per square foot. An example would be a 2ftx4ft piece would be $360 which includes shipping. If shipping isn't required - this drastically reduces your final cost! Pricing can vary depending on multiple factors, so please contact us for a quote. The $45/square foot rate increases a bit, once you get to 4x4 or larger.



All sounds good and you're ready to pull the trigger on your very own custom Tuggle's Timber piece? TT requires a 25% deposit to place a custom order. The deposit is non-refundable as I've probably already starting obsessing over it and gathered materials. The deposit is put towards the final cost of your own unique Tuggle's Timber piece. The remaining balance is due at completion.



In November of 2020 we opened up a retail space in the Fountain Square neighborhood in Indianapolis, Indiana. This has drastically reduced the time I have to complete custom orders. I am currently only accepting a month. On the first of each month, I will open up 4 more spots. This is a first come first serve basis, and your place in line will be held by the deposit. 



Here are some questions I always ask...

  • Do you have a date for when you need this completed by?​

  • What colors/wood tones would you like incorporated? 

  • Do you have images of past pieces you like/don't like for reference?

  • What wall will it be going on? (Color of wall/flooring.)

  • What size are you interested in? 3ftx1ft is the smallest size available for custom orders. (roughly $135)

  • Is there a meaningful piece of furniture or item in the room? I.E. Grandma's quilt, that rug you just love, a coffee table that has been passed down for generations? 

  • Will shipping be required? (We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana)

  • Fill free to add any other information that you think may be beneficial.

Thanks for submitting!