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Custom Orders

Do you have wall that needs a statement piece? Are you wanting to put something on your wall that you can't just find at TJ MAxx or Target? Are you wanting to be apart of the design process and decide what you're wanting? If so, You're at the right place.


Size and Cost

The Smallest available custom order is currently a 2'x3'. The most popular size is a 2'x4' which fits nicely above a couch or queen sized bed. Prices vary based on design elements. A 2'x4' is roughly $300-$400. Please inquire in the form below about pricing. 


Limited availability

Custom Orders are available on a first come first serve basis. You will be placed in the Que once your deposit is paid*. I'll attempt to give an accurate date of completion before accepting your deposit.  

*NOTE: Please do not pay a deposit before we have discussed your piece via Email.

Custom Tuggle's Timber Art

Thanks for submitting!

After you submit the above form, be sure to keep your eye on your email for the next 48 hours. I'll respond with follow up questions and additional info. This is when we will nail down some design elements and specifics. The email will come from Sometimes they get sent to spam, so be sure to check that folder as well.

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