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Who even reads/writes blogs in 2022?

Why the hell am I even starting a Blog? I don't really use social media as a way to share things other than photos. I'm not currently doing reels, or sharing a lot. Maybe this will be an area where someone can get more info on these weird wood art things I'm doing. I don't know really. I've never even read someone's blog. I used to read a few friends Xanga in high school, but that was the extent of it really. I'm sure I'll make this one, get some anxiety about it and scrap this idea completely. Me saying that early gives me an out.

Currently I'm preparing to do my my first art fair since opening our store. It's a lot of work, and I forgot how much work it is. I think I have a decent enough inventory and a variety of options, but who knows. I haven't even started to think about how to set up the booth. I'm planning on focusing on that the week leading up to it. Pressure always makes things go better for me for whatever reason. I sent a text to my best friends group chat and asked if anyone has an ideas and I'm sure a few of the guys will give me some of their ideas. If you've never done an art fair - they are cool, but also it's a weird thing. You are there interacting with people who come in your booth to look at your art. If things sell, you feel cool and you feel like you're making cool things. If things don't sell, you leave questioning if you should continue making your art or apply to work at the USPS (I've been saying I want to deliver mail for 10+ years.) I'm excited to do this art fair and what It may lead to, but also there is a lot of anxiety there too. Also, It's supposed to rain, so that would be a pretty big bummer.

My wife and I are talking about hiring someone for our store full time and potentially traveling the midwest/us and hit up art fairs. I'm not sure if I can keep up with inventory and all of those logistics that come with it, but the idea of it sounds super dope. If you know of a cheap camper or food truck (another idea) hit me up, maybe it will give me the kick i need to make this idea go.

This is the final week of prep before the art fair. I decided to do one last piece that was a lot of work, but I knocked it out pretty quick. I'm doing a giant mural soon, and kind of used my idea for that in this piece, The mural will be a lot different, but it was cool to see it on a super small scale and how it may look on a 16 foot version. If you're in the Indy area, Saturday 8/6 come up to Noblesville and check out some art, not just mine, maybe you'll find something cool that you wouldn't just find at TJ Maxx or Hobby Lobby.


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