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Tuggle's Gifts and Goods

1029 Virginia Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Tel. 317-602-2820


Opening Hours

Sunday - Friday: 11a - 6p

Saturday: 10 - 7

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  • Where can I see your work?
    Tuggle's Gifts & Goods is our retail store and is located in Fountain Square - just south of downtown Indianapolis. You can see my work as well as the work of multiple other Hoosiers. Some of my 'classic' styled pieces can also be found at 1823 Bakehouse in Franklin, Indiana or Rivers and Roads in Nashville, Indiana.
  • How much does each piece weigh?
    Pieces vary on weight depending on size. Each piece is hanger(s) attatched that exceeds the weight of the piece. Example, if a piece weighs 30 pounds, a french-cleat that is graded to hold up to 100 pounds will be used.
  • How often will you release a collection of art for purchase?
    My current goal is to release 6 collections a year, one every other month. Follow me on Instagram for collection drop dates.
  • How long does shipping take?
    I try to ship your piece within 72 hours of the purchase. Some pieces are larger than others and require custom boxes which takes a little more time than normal. You likely will receive your piece via UPS within 10 business days after payment is complete.
  • How Do I Make a Custom Order
    I currently am only accepting one custom order per month. Click the button to head over to the custom order page to get more info!
  • How long does each piece take to complete?
    This really varies. I recently have begun a different method of completing these pieces of wood art. I typically am working on at least 40 pieces at one time. This is done in order to allow paint and stain/oils to dry before moving onto the next step.
  • What type of wood do you use?
    My favorite wood to use is Oak. You will see primarily locally sourced oak in my pieces as well as pine, cherry, maple, and MDF which is essentially a engineered wood product.
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